Let's Go Camping!

An upcoming FPS roguelite dungeon crawler, whereby dungeons are reached via hiking, camping, and surviving a vast overworld wilderness.

Coming Soon!

Go Camping

Hike out into the great unknown, hunt for food, explore the wild, open overworld, and setup a nice camp when you need a new base of operations.

Deadly Dungeons

In Let's Go Camping!, dungeons are everywhere! Most are randomly generated, full of monsters, death traps, and loot.

Epic Loot

Find unique items that change the way you play. Unlock hidden treasures that lead you to yet more hidden treasures!


Bow and Arrows

Start your hike off right with a nice, perfectly normal, archery kit. How far back you draw, is how far you shoot!

Interactive Environment

Things happen out there, and you caused it. Or maybe it was a bear. BEARS?! It's a living breathing world, and it wants to make you dead. Give it hell.

Flatshaded 3D

Stylish lowpoly 3D graphics, with bloom and global illumination techniques that make you feel part of the world! Indie, and trendy!


Q: Where can I get a press copy?

A: Please fill out this form.


Q: When is the game coming out?

A: The game will release starting with an Alpha; when it's ready.


Q: What will I play it on?

A: PC, Mac, or Linux. Any typical gaming machine should do.


Q: Is it multiplayer?

A: No. The current objective is to finely craft a lovely single-player experience.


Q: Will it be on Steam?

A: Yes! We have been Greenlit, thanks for the votes!


Q: Can I pre-order?

A: Not at this time, but the option will be available.


Q: What game engine is this?

A: Unity3D


Q: Where can I get a Let's Go Camping T-Shirt?

A: On tFund, Right Here!


Q: Who are the Devs?

A: Lead developer is Brian Mayberry, mostly known as a Cinematic Designer. Joining him is Animation and Mo-Cap expert Randy Wilson; they worked closely together while at Trion Worlds, producing the in-game cinematic scenes for the action MMO Defiance.

Featuring concept art and additional design from friend and game industry colleague, Michael Holochwost (Star Wars: The Old Republic).

Original soundtrack from talented indie developer and composer, Kevin Montes.

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